Shamibagh, Dhaka.

Project Location: 22, Shamibagh, Karatitola, Dhaka.
Land Area: 12 katha
Units: 5
Total no. of Flats: 45
Total no. of car parking: 19
Apartments size: A-1243, B-820, C-1119, D-1022,E-1032 (sft).
Handover Date: 14/01/2014(Done)


Shamibagh, Dhaka.

Project Location: 81/1, Shamibagh, Dhaka
Land Area: 5 katha
Units: 3
Total no. of Flats: 15
Total no. of car parking: 10
Apartments size: A-1196, B-840, C-1054(sft).
Handover Date: 2012-09-30

''Laxmi'' NUR GARDEN

Sukrabad, Dhaka.

Project Location: 58/Gha-4, West Rajabazer, Sukrabad,Dhaka
Land Area: 4.95 katha
Units: 2
Total no. of Flats: 16
Total no. of car parking: 08
Apartments size: A-1050, B-1120
Handover Date: June, 2016


Maya Kanon, Dhaka.

Project Location: 41, 41/1, 42 Maya Kanon, Sobujbagh, Dhaka
Land Area: 12 Katha
Units: 05
Total no. of Flats: 45
Total no. of car parking: 20
Apartments size:1165, 1019, 1155, 1194, 1056 (sft)
Handover Date: December,2016

''Laxmi'' NEER

Gandaria, Dhaka.

Project Location: 30, Atis Dipanker Road, Gandaria, Dhaka
Land Area: 09 Katha
Units: 3
Total no. of Flats: 27
Total no. of car parking: 15
Apartments size: 1250,1420, 1395
Handover Date: December, 2015


Basundhara , Dhaka.

Project Location: Block# B, Road #6, Plot # 124, Basundhora R/A. Dhaka
Land Area:
Units: Singel
Total no. of Flats: 8
Total no. of car parking : 09
Apartments size: 2290
Handover Date: October,2019

''Laxmi'' Chameli

Basundhara , Dhaka.

Project Location: Block# E, Road #4, Plot # 62, Basundhora R/A. Dhaka
Land Area: 05 Katha
Units: Singel
Total no. of Flats: 09
Total no. of car parking: 09
Apartments size: 1980
Handover Date: October, 2020

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